Why Ireland?

Ireland is a wonderful country, it is safe, friendly with beautiful green scenery, hidden gems and natural wonders.  It's a nation of writers and storytellers rich in heritage, history and culture. From vibrant, exciting cities to spectacular countryside – it’s a magical place to visit. Ireland is a place where you feel safe and can have peace of mind while travelling. It's a place where you can enjoy a wide variety of wellness and outdoor activities while staying in cosy and luxury accommodation. 


Most visitors to Ireland would say that one of the highlights of their experience in Ireland is connecting with people. This is what Wellness Travel Ireland aims to facilitate with its programmes which connect you with our extended network.


We are proud to promote Ireland abroad as the exciting, beautiful and welcoming country that it is and as an outstanding Wellness Travel destination.

Only in the island of Ireland you will find...

This is Ireland:

Wellness Travel Ireland,

9 Sunmount,

Military Hill,

Cork City, 


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